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Fallow Deer


Supplying the best genetic quality Fallow Deer, ensuring antler quality and overall animal size.

All our deer are bred in fenced 2-12 acre paddocks. By doing this all our deer know what wire fences are and ensure the settling in process to their new homes is much easier for the deer and less stressful for all involved.

All deer-keepers are required by law to register a holding number and a herd number. To register, contact your local DEFRA office (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs)


The colours kept here at Mara Hills are: Normals, Spanish Black, White (not Albino), Red and Menil. Some colours are only available in the autumn.




Please ring for availability 




Sika Deer

Please ring for availability

Red Deer

Stags and Does available October – February.

Trophy Stags (9 – 12 points)

Stags (up to 8 points)

Does 1-4 years old          


Males and Females


We are please to offer a live capture darting service, this is carried out by ourselves for the movement of captive deer and to aid in a means of humane, stress-free treatment of wild animals, domestic livestock and dangerous animals.

For all enquiries regarding the darting of animals please contact us.